Using Herbs to Enhance Your Beauty

The use of herbs and plants to heal the body internally and applied externally for outer beauty is long recorded throughout ancient history. The Ancient Egyptians used plants as make-up, lining their eyes, and outlining their lips and created some fragrances for the body. The Romans developed the use of facial packs and bathed in flower essence while the Greeks formulated various types of cold creams dating back to the second century A.D. The widespread production of the cosmetic and skin care companies is quite young compared to the world history of herbal use.

Herbs continue to maintain their popularity and place in these modern times for many reasons. They are less expensive than prescription drugs and much safer for prolonged use with very few side effects. A great advantage is that herbs and plant extracts are easily crafted for each individual no matter your skin, hair or body type.

Some popular herbs are those in the photos noted above starting with Sage, Yarrow, Witch Hazel, Chamomile and Aloe. Tumeric, Seaweed, Neem, and Rosemary are also very popular.  You can experiment and see what ingredients work best for you.  All are widely available in drugstores, supermarkets and of course, a well-stocked herbal store.  Facials, lotions, rinses, shampoos/conditioners and creams can be prepared in a short time.  Keep in mind you can change the consistency and substitute with other herbs the same way you would in the kitchen to modify a recipe to suit your taste.

For great recipes check out the following link.