Online Jewellery Shopping Or Touch-Screen Jewellery?

How About Purchasing Contemporary Jewelry From An ATM?

The most recent jewelry news reviews reveal that online jewellery shopping has progressed a step. A gold ATM machine is now marketing contemporary jewellery and gold coins – in India. But while a great many folk have learned how to trust online jewellery shopping, buying from a machine has not proved as popular as internet or over-the-counter acquisitions by men and women that know their products.

India’s first ATM machine has proved to be a discussion piece but shoppers benefit from the experience of speaking to an actual individual. And discovering special jewellery items on the web is your next best thing.

A lot of gold is sold throughout the large country of India with more than 900 tonnes of gold bullion changing hands. Consequently if machine-sold gold and jewelry isn’t hitting the jackpot there, it is extremely unlikely that an ATM dishing out glimmering jewels would flourish in Great Britain.

But the machine’s founder is upbeat with regard to the new system for jewellery buyers. “There is investment purchase in this machine, there is gifting in the machine and there’s self-indulgence,” says Sanjeev Agarwal, chief executive of Gitanjali Exports, which operates the device. “On day one of the launch earlier this month there were some 28 purchases.”

The automated dispenser dishes out diamond jewelry whilst the smallest gold coin for sale weighs in at a gram and costs something like £40. The touchscreen technology offers quick satisfaction but could cause impulsive buys, we fear.

Gitanjali expects the electronic teller devices, besides being far less costly to operate than a store, will permit the company to serve a wider base of shoppers and provide a handy method to buy in a country which is embracing technology advances quickly. The standalone prototype golden box, slightly taller and wider compared to a regular cash ATM, stands next to the entrance of a busy Indian mall, constructed so it is secure and safe against drills and protected by surveillance cameras.

A Likely Alternative to Online Jewellery Shopping?

Customers use a touch screen to navigate the items available and may pay with either charge cards or cash. Agarwal argues that men and women were cautious about ATM cash machines at the time they were brought out however they are now prepared to rely on them and this is just how his new customers will interact with these machines, after a while.

He intends to roll out 75 of the automated machines over the next couple of years, in airports, shopping centers and at faith based sites. We wonder if people within the Northern Isles would take to buying Orkney jewellery dispensed from an ATM outside St Magnus Cathedral. We think online jewellery shopping and buying over-the-counter will continue to be the preferred options here!