Managing Your Wavy “S” Hair

Wavy hair falls between the category of straight hair and curly hair. An anomaly, wavy hair tends to be coarse and has a definite “S” pattern to it. A wave forms from the base and throughout the hair in the shape of the letter “S”. This “S” type hair curves while laying flat against the scalp and does not stand up away from the head in the manner that curly hair does. Actress Jennifer Aniston and supermodel Yasmeen Ghauri all are proud owners of the “S” pattern wavy hair type.

Wavy and curly hair types are often confused with one another because certain individuals get to manage their curly hair to lay flat and look wavy. Do not take this out of context though. To make curly hair appear as if it was wavy takes a lot of time, money, and energy. Usually this takes at least a couple hours conversing back and forth with your hair stylist. The reason why this transformation requires a lot of work and efforts is because the distinguishing characteristic of wavy hair is that it sits close to the scalp. Even if you cut it into layers, the hair will not bounce up.

Getting that “to die for” red carpet hair style is not as difficult, or as expensive, as you might think:

Average Time
About half an hour to an hour depending on thickness and length of hair

What you need:

– Straightening Spray (for thick, course hair)

– Volumizing spray

– Ponytail Holder

– Bobby pins

– Hairspray

– Hair dryer

– 1-inch barrel curling iron

– Saltwater spray

– Shine serum


1) Wash your hair thoroughly and then spray the roots with volumizing spray.

2) Its a good idea to spread straightening spray throughout your hair if it’s very course and curly.

3) At this point, your hair MUST be completely dry. Now blow dry your hair straight. Starting at the root of the hair will give you more volume. Also, blowing cold air into the roots adds even more volume because cold air locks in the style.

4) Separate your hair into three sections and securely fasten them with your ponytail.

5) Use the 1 inch barrel curling iron to curl your hair. Starting with one section at a time, take 1 inch portion of your hair and wrap it around the barrel of the curling iron. Remember, this IS NOT traditional curling. DO NOT clip the hair into the barrel and curl it all the way to the root. And when curling, be sure to leave the ends of your hair a bit loose.
After about 5-10 seconds, remove the curl. Hold it longer if you want a tighter curl. Now you should have a corkscrew curl.

6) Roll and pin the curl to your scalp.

7) Alternate the direction of the curls as you move through the section. This means wrap hair under once, then over the next time. Following this method will present much more natural curls.

8) Once your curls, that you have pinned down, are cooled you can remove them.

9) Gently loosen waves with the blow dryer. You can also separate waves with your fingers but make sure you don’t brush them

10) Looking good!! We are almost done. You can use hair serum or saltwater to add shine to your waves.

11) Now all you have to do is spritz the waves with hairspray. But DON’T over kill it or else the waves will look hard and crunchy!!

Tips It’s been recommended by most hair stylists to moisturize your hair at least once a day so you can replace all the moisture lost from within the hair strand. Best method to moisturize is to use a leave in conditioner that targets the hair strand and the root as well.