The Rarest Diamonds in the World

Believe it or not, diamonds are not rare. Each year twelve metric tonnes of diamond – or sixty million carats are mined each year – a huge amount in comparison to some other precious gemstones. There are, however, some rare types of diamond; namely coloured diamonds called fancies as well as ones that weigh a considerable amount of carats. If you are lucky enough to have the pleasure of owning one, please make sure you have the jewellery insurance to cover it!

When it comes to colour, the rarest diamond in the world is The Ocean Dream Diamond. It weighs just 5.51 carats, yet its colour is unique: a stunning bluish green which is believed to have been brought about after thousands of years of natural radiation exposure in Central Africa. It is currently owned by the Cora Diamond Corporation.

In terms of size, the Cullinan diamond is in a class of its own. Weighing an astonishing 3,106.75 carats, the Cullinan was split into nine parts, all of which are owned by the British Royal Family as part of their crown jewels collection. The two largest diamonds cut from the rough are the Great Star of Africa and the smaller Lesser Star of Africa, weighing 530.2 and 317.4 carats respectively.

The Blue Diamond is rare due to its vividly blue colour and decent weight. Those who have seen the 1997 film epic Titanic will recognise the blue heart shaped diamond, mounted with white diamonds around its edge, however The Heart of The Ocean was not based on The Blue Diamond, but was in fact based on the infamous Hope Diamond.

The fifth heaviest diamond in the world is also the largest black diamond ever found. Known as the Spirit of Grisogono this spectacular jewel weighs 312.24 carats, and is mounted on a ring encrusted with 702 white diamonds.

In 1967 the (then) largest brown diamond in the world was discovered. Called The Earth Stone, it weighed a huge 248.9 carats uncut, and was transformed from the rough into a dazzling pear cut shape that was to weigh 111.59 carats. Since its discovery, two bigger brown diamonds have been found, the largest of which is The Golden Jubilee.