The Importance of Food Development

Food development could be the saving grace of the food production sector. In modern society, we are becoming increasingly dependent on pre-packed meals and fast food and if any food production company is to survive then they must meet these growing demands and develop better and more convenient food products.

Convenience is the Key

A few years back, individuals frequented restaurants once in a while, they catered their own parties, and packed home made snacks for picnics and school lunches, these days the situation is much different. There are numerous young couples who, on the commute back from the workplace would rather pick up a pre-packed meal or takeout and come home than have to cook a meal. For a picnic, or parties and functions, meals are no longer organized in the home. Instead we turn to professionals who can cater to our every need and will deliver it right to the venue.

Food development in a major industry and it involves understanding what sort of food the market needs. Often the developers will seek out panels of test customers to offer advice and opinions on new products in order to establish what is missing from our lives. The key is finding the gap in the market and filling it which is why the field of food development is so fast moving and in a constant state of evolution.

Meeting The Demands of the Market

Of course it is not only about creating convenience food for busy people! There are an increasing number of people who have intolerances to certain foods such as gluten or dairy. There are also a growing number of people suffering from health conditions such as heart trouble, diabetes and elevated levels of cholesterol. Certain foods can trigger or exacerbate these conditions and so experts in the field of food development are constantly working to develop foods which can help alleviate these problems. In any food development panel there is sure to be a nutritionist on staff who will balance the nutritional levels of the food. This is a very important part of the development process. So too is taste!

Food developers need to produce foods which will suit every taste. It is highly important to manufacturers to be able to design new flavour combinations in order to stay ahead of the market. The design is also important as this can also attract customers. One example is chips! It is proven that ruffled chips in fancy packaging sell far better than straight cut chips in a plain packet.