Moisturizers For Your Face – Why Face Moisturizers and Beauty Creams Are Dangerous

Many people are using face moisturizers and beauty creams from last many years. There are many brands available in the market promising clear, smooth and glowing skin. They tend to buy expensive products for better results. But one thing that they do not know is that all these beauty creams and face moisturizers have same main ingredients . We cannot deny the fact that we do look beautiful after applying these facial creams, but we are unaware that all these products available in the market are actually dangerous for our body.

The harsh and artificial ingredients in beauty creams and face moisturizers are very dangerous and may lead to severe diseases like skin cancer etc. All these may look good and are very good to smell, but they gives adverse effects on your skin.

Here are some points that will help you understand, why face moisturizers and beauty creams are dangerous:

· Most of the products are made up of water and petroleum jelly. Petroleum is derived from crude oil. It instead harms the skin by clogging its pores . It surely makes you feel soft but internally is dangerous.

· “Paraben” which is there in almost every beauty cream and face moisturizer is an ingredient which is known to have preservative properties. Preservatives are added to increase the life of the product and so we feel safe in using the product. But for your information, you will be shocked to know that paraben is very dangerous and is found in breast cancer patients.

· Another ingredient present in beauty creams and face moisturizers is Acryl amide. This perilous or dangerous chemical should never be used on the skin as it is an irritant to eyes and skin and is can also lead to cancer.

· Mineral oils like baby oil and paraffin wax found in the face moisturizers and beauty creams clogs the pores, and stop the face skin to eliminate harmful toxins. These ingredients are used to increase the volume of the product as they are relatively cheap, but it is very important to know that all these are really dangerous for your skin.