Jade – The Gift That Brings Out the Unique and Mythical Powers

Jade, the precious stones synonymous with a sense of eternal mystery, an aura of uniqueness, legendary wealth and mythical powers. Jade immediately conjures to the mind the fabulous past era of Imperial China, its majestic cultures and traditions. Since early times and to this day, jade is associated with the grandeur color of green precious stones and is believed by many people of having power to promote good health and wellness.

Civilisation across continents have appreciated this majestic stone. All races of the world keep their highest regards for this remarkable precious natural gift to mankind.

Scientifically, the term jade refers to two minerals, jadeite and nephrite. Their lustre and compact structure have rendered these precious minerals eternal favourites among gem lovers all over the world.

The most treasured and valuable is imperial jade, a translucent, rich emerald green jadeite found mainly in Burma. The crystalline homogeneous tone and color of the stones made them well sought after. The apple-green jade, a brighter yellow green version of extraordinary vibrancy, is also very highly prized and in great demand. The are many other shades, tones and color. The beauty of this natural stone can only be appreciated when one sees and holds it.

Other countries where jade is found in abundance are China and India. In the United States, jade is found in Alaska, Carolina and Wyoming.

Traditionally, jade is also associated with a good luck gem stone. Wearing jade stones is believed to promote good health, self healing, longevity and peaceful passing to the next world upon death. It inspires people to have good mental agility, consciousness and wisdom.

Besides its magnificence, jade is highly sought after as costume jewellery, gem stones, ornamental gems, display and decorative purposes. This precious stone will be a wonderful gift or present for loved ones, relatives, friends and people of all ages