The Search For Large and Small Dog Clothes

Keeping up with the fashion trends in the ever changing world of dog fashion is a tough task to accomplish. There are so many local and online stores to choose from which contributes to the confusion. Not only are there plenty of local and internet stores to choose from but there are just as many clothing designers to choose from. There are a couple of tips that will help the shopper who knows what they are looking for but does not know where to go to find it.

It is hard to find extremely small dog clothing. There are several reasons for this. One of the biggest reasons is that the clothes manufacturers all use different methods of measurement for sizing. Some use breed type and others use length of the body. Using either method will not always be exact because your dog may be big or tiny for their specific breed. Along the same lines, even if you measure their body length precisely, your dog may be broader around the tummy. Small dog clothes sizing can come in many forms including: teacup, xxx-small, xx-small, x-small and small. 

In addition to small dog clothes being hard to find, large dog clothing can be just as difficult to locate. This is true due to the huge fluctuation of size variations within any given dog breed. One German Shepherd could weigh 65 pounds and another may weigh 75 pounds. That is a significant difference if you are trying to shop for clothing according to breed. Also, the same holds true for big dog clothes having such a wide range of sizing form large to xxxx-large.     

The best prices and deals on large and small dog clothes are usually found online. You will also find a larger selection of sizes and styles making it more probable that you can find a more precise fit. Along with these advantages, you have many more designers to choose from with a wide range of prices to fit any budget. Free Shipping offers are usually available at reputable online stores. However, a big disadvantage is that you cannot actually see the product before purchasing it.  

Be a smart, educated shopper. Combine the knowledge of sizing given here with your own personal knowledge about your own pet. Keep in mind size range and availability will be smaller at local stores. Always look for free shipping offers online. Go to the local store and check out what there sizes look like to get a general sizing foundation. Most importantly, when you find an online store that you like doing business with and that you trust, stick with them.