Shopping Within Bristol

Several words come to mind when describing the shopping experience in the World Heritage City of Bristol; expansive, convenient, diverse, historical but the main one is CHOICE!

Bristol is a shoppers dream with something for every type of shopper, browsers who enjoy rummaging through second hand stores or picking up unusual trinkets, fresh food, independent store followers or lovers of large precincts or malls housing the UK’s largest chains and outlets all under one roof.

The city is divided into several shopping areas so is easy to decide the type of shopping experience you are looking for.

Broadmead: The largest shopping area in the City. Its pedestrianised streets house 300 stores including major retailers and outlets along with banks, cafes and restaurants. A multi-storey car park means access is easy

Cabot Circus: The latest shopping development situated alongside Broadmead. The area houses 125 shops including 15 major retail chains and a 2600 space car park makes shopping a hassle free experience.

Train. Bristol Temple Meads. Car. Easy access from M5 M4 M32. Air. Bristol int airport then flyer coach.

The Mall at Cribbs Causeway: Situated to the North of the city and comprises a covered, 2 level shopping centre with 135 shops, again including some of the biggest high street names. Parking is simple with over 2000 spaces. A good time to visit is during Bristol fashion week which is held twice a year and a visit to “Winter Wonderland” and the Christmas market is a must during the festive season.

Car. M5 Junction 17. Train. Bristol Parkway

For something a bit different Clifton Village and Park Street are for you. Filled with boutiques, unusual clothes and trinkets, this area just outside the City centre, is a joy. Every Wednesday a farmers market is held on Corn Street or in the Old City, St Nicholas Market which has everything from 2nd hand shops to fresh produce.

Car M4 Junction 19. Train. Temple Meads station then to Clifton Down

Bristol encompasses the charm of an ancient city with a mix of modern convenience making your shopping experience one to remember.

Fat Burners And Lifestyle Changes

Using fat burners can be especially helpful. They produce quick
results and are simple to take. With everyone being obsessed with
looking and feeling better it is no wonder that they have become
so popular as an addition to weight loss regimens. It should come
as no surprise to learn that fat burners are commonly used and
enjoyed by most users.

Ephedra Free Fat Burners

Fat burners containing ephedra were common. Now many are seeking
fat burners that produce no serious side effects. The safest fat burners
are those that are natural, herbal fat burners.

Fat Burners Designed for Women

Many of the fat burners on the market are designed for women. There
is increasing demand for these after the popular ephedra was determined
to be dangerous and was banned by the FDA. This is a hugely popular
market. Women are concerned about their weight and will try various
diets and fat burners until they discover something that works. Their
is incredible pressure for women to stay slim. This, in turn, creates the
latest fads in diets and fat burners.

Fat Burners Not Essential

The obsession to lose weight often leads to a misinformed approach.
Dieting and exercise do not often produce lasting results. If one wishes
to successfully lose weight and keep it off forever they should develop
lifestyle changes that will produce improved health and effortless
weight loss.

Fat burners can be an effective addition to a weight loss program. They
can kick start a program and allow you to lose five to ten pounds the
first month. After that it’s not uncommon to lose two to five pounds in
the following months. But, the important element here is that the fat
burner should be all natural and one that produces no serious side

Remember, herbal fat burners are just one element in an effective weight loss
program. Once you have achieved your ideal weight they are no longer
necessary, unlike the other lifestyle change that you have implemented.

Lifestyle Changes Are All Powerful

Eating natural foods, chewing well, not eating before bed and instituting
a daily walking program are some of the elements to introduce into
you life for lasting results. The most important goal to establish is not
your ideal weight. The goal is to create permanent, healthy lifestyle
practices. When this is accomplished, your weight loss will be effortless
and permanent.

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Jade – The Gift That Brings Out the Unique and Mythical Powers

Jade, the precious stones synonymous with a sense of eternal mystery, an aura of uniqueness, legendary wealth and mythical powers. Jade immediately conjures to the mind the fabulous past era of Imperial China, its majestic cultures and traditions. Since early times and to this day, jade is associated with the grandeur color of green precious stones and is believed by many people of having power to promote good health and wellness.

Civilisation across continents have appreciated this majestic stone. All races of the world keep their highest regards for this remarkable precious natural gift to mankind.

Scientifically, the term jade refers to two minerals, jadeite and nephrite. Their lustre and compact structure have rendered these precious minerals eternal favourites among gem lovers all over the world.

The most treasured and valuable is imperial jade, a translucent, rich emerald green jadeite found mainly in Burma. The crystalline homogeneous tone and color of the stones made them well sought after. The apple-green jade, a brighter yellow green version of extraordinary vibrancy, is also very highly prized and in great demand. The are many other shades, tones and color. The beauty of this natural stone can only be appreciated when one sees and holds it.

Other countries where jade is found in abundance are China and India. In the United States, jade is found in Alaska, Carolina and Wyoming.

Traditionally, jade is also associated with a good luck gem stone. Wearing jade stones is believed to promote good health, self healing, longevity and peaceful passing to the next world upon death. It inspires people to have good mental agility, consciousness and wisdom.

Besides its magnificence, jade is highly sought after as costume jewellery, gem stones, ornamental gems, display and decorative purposes. This precious stone will be a wonderful gift or present for loved ones, relatives, friends and people of all ages

The Amazing Perks of Natural Hair Extensions

If you want a stylish, fresh, and totally easy way to ensure that your look is always changing and evolving, than having clip in hair extensions on hand is definitely right for you. Whether you are a short-haired gal who would like to be able to easily add some length or a long-haired girl who wants to enhance her hair’s volume and body, clip extensions are the easiest way to spruce up your look. While natural hair extenders used to be a luxury of only rich socialites, these days clip in human hair extensions are totally affordable to even the not-so rich and famous. 100% real hair-extensions can easily be purchased in a variety of styles, colors, lengths and textures, ensuring that every woman can make them a part of her beauty routine. Here are some of the perks of investing in hair extensions.

Hair Health

Believe it or not, having clip in extensions on hand can help to preserve the health and vitality of your natural hair. How, you ask? It’s simple, really. You can use hair extensions for styles where you may have otherwise teased or used harsh heat styling on your natural hair. For example, instead of teasing at the crown to achieve extra body, you can use an extension placed strategically under your natural hair to create body and volume without damaging your natural hair.

Glamor in a Flash

If you only have an hour or so to get ready for an event where you need to look your best, having extensions on hand can be a lifesaver. Sleek high ponytails or voluminous, regal up-dos can be achieved with lightening fast speed when you are using a fabulous clip in extension instead of your real hair. For example, no matter what your hair’s natural texture, you can easily pull your natural hair into a quick high bun, and secure a clip in ponytail to create a sleek and red carpet ready look.

Stylish Variety

Simply put, one of the best perks of having a variety of natural hair extender in your beauty arsenal is the amazingly wide array of style choices. Having hair extensions on hand allows you to mix up your look from day to day, without having to commit to any long-term cuts or styles. If you want to go long and luscious one day and short and sassy the next, the choice is completely yours, without any permanent commitments.