Business Gifts Promoting Business

Businesses can give out business gifts to promote their company to clients, prospective clients and other individuals and they can also be used ‘in-house’ as motivation tools for staff.

There are many types of business gift available, they vary greatly in price and can also be selected to suit different seasonal events.

The most common types of gift are consumables such as chocolates or wine or collectable items or business accessories such as notebooks, pens, wallets, mugs etc. which often feature the company name or logo.

A gift is carefully chosen depending upon the number to be purchased and the type of client or recipient. A high profile client with a large account may be given very personal expensive gifts as incentives to continue to do business with a company. Small incentives such as pens are often chosen for large numbers of recipients, such as thank you gifts to staff.

There are several events where corporate business gifts can be given away, such as trade shows, business conferences, business anniversaries, holidays, and even recognition and retirement day.

By using business gifts effectively and truly understanding their value, companies can greatly increase their revenue as well as give due recognition to their staff. In the current climate companies that are highly motivated and work well together are noticed. This is not to be underestimated. There is evidence that staff who have time out together and enjoy their working atmosphere work considerably more efficiently, so, maybe that hour to ‘have fun’ together over lunch with some business games is time very well spent.

Business gifts are an excellent way to cement good relationships with your clients and associates. Stand out and give unexpected gifts. Gifts that come at unusual times are far more memorable these are a few ideas.

Acknowledge Clients timetables.

Remember THEIR special days, large meetings, anniversaries. You can send congratulations or good luck gifts.

Acknowledge your staff on special “holidays”.

There are commercial “holidays” meant to recognize the staff that makes your business possible. Give business gifts to your own and important client’s staff on Professional Secretary’s Day (April 24) this can also be done with other important recognition ‘holidays’

Remember important personal days of your staff.

Gifts are not just for business occasions. Make sure you observe birthdays, anniversaries, birthdays and where appropriate, deaths.

Recognize Students for their efforts and observe Career days.

By giving inexpensive gifts to students or schoolchildren visiting or taking part in a ‘career day’ you can really spread the word and raise goodwill about your company.

Give “green” business gifts on Earth Day.

Giving out travel mugs to reduce the number of disposable cups used by your staff, or hand out 100% recycled gifts.

Celebrate May Day with business gifts for the day off.

May Day heralds the start of summer, what better way to celebrate than to give gifts for the bank holiday. These could be very simple such as seeds and garden tools, plants or pots. Garden games for staff to play with their children (or each other!) or even picnic hampers or golfing equipment. Your most important clients would be very surprised to have a personal and unexpected gift.

What Type of Dog Food Should I Feed My Dog?

Choosing what to feed your much-loved pooch can be tricky. Not only do you need to tailor the food to the size and breed of dog, but it needs to be a complete and balanced dog food that is easy to digest and delicious to eat. Many supermarket brands, which appear to be just as healthy as more expensive premium dog food brands, can contain artificial colourings, preservatives or appetite enhancers, which can cause digestive disorders and skin complaints.

How do I choose between premium dog food brands?

Many owners are bewildered by the amount of choice available in premium dog food brands, and often confused as to which food will be suitable for their dog or new puppy. The simple approach to comparing foods like Arden Grange, Burns and Wafcol is simply to find out what’s actually in the bag! Visiting the brand’s website is a good place to start, but it’s also good to take time in the supermarket looking at the ingredients section.

Look out for:

  • Is the food meat or fish based?
  • Is it naturally preserved?
  • Does it contain prebiotics or nucleotides for digestion?
  • Compare the mineral levels

Most importantly… Does the food offer good value for money when compared with other premium brands? For example – Hills, Eukanuba and Royal Canin are traditionally more expensive than other brands.

Arden Grange is an excellent example of a complete and balanced dog food with natural, wholesome ingredients. It is hypo allergenic and free from wheat, gluten, dairy products, beef and soya. Perhaps more importantly, it is a cost-effective alternative to expensive prescription diets. This brand contains NO artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives, and so reduces the risk of dietary intolerances and allergies.

Like all premium brands, Arden Grange is suitable for all breeds – not just those with specific dietary problems. Each Arden Grange recipe has been carefully developed to cater for the life-stage and breed size of all dogs, and is available in a range of flavours, sure to appeal to your dog’s taste buds. They also specialise in Arden Grange Puppy and Arden Grange Sensitive varieties.

Main benefits of Arden Grange Dog Food:

  • Gentle on your dog’s digestion
  • No genetically modified ingredients
  • No dairy, beef, soya, wheat or gluten
  • Contains nucleotides to aid digestion
  • No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Controlled levels of protein and fat in each Arden Grange recipe
  • Contains organic citrus extract to enhance dental and oral health
  • Crunchy texture helps maintain healthy teeth & gums
  • Contains antioxidants and essential vitamins to enhance the immune system
  • Contains balanced minerals & cranberry extract to help maintain urinary tract health
  • Contains omega 6 & 3 fatty acids in correct ratios for good skin and coat condition

Lastly, due to new labelling laws introduced recently, brands like Arden Grange must not make unsubstantiated claims. This means that their complete dog food does exactly what it says on the tin! Furthermore, Arden Grange is an ethical pet food company that is committed to the welfare of animals. So this has to be good news, right?

Breaking Myths About Fashion

The Indian fashion scene is positioned itself very well in the international podium. Leading designers are famous brands abroad and in their home land. Primarily the Indian kind of wear is trendy, classy and allows much room for experimenting. For any designer, the idea to experiment and to fructify his creation into popularity is the ultimate thrill.

With beauty pageants and international game shows representing Indians, it is highly essential to present Indians in such a podium with traditional wear. Our clothes need not be necessarily gaudy, loud, shiney pieces of ensembles. It totally depends on the model. The grace and personality of the model does much justice to the designer’s creation.

Fashion designing is now becoming a coveted career and a major branch in education. Earlier the focus was much on academics and less practical work. This myth is being busted with more huge institutions offering niche courses in dress and fashion. With more foreign affiliations and guest lectures the students actually get the drift of things before their personal exposure.

Gowns and prom wear can easily be blended with branded embellishments and mild brocade work. Typical kashmiri or ikkat prints on the bodice done in minimum can grace a georgette or chiffon gown. Such blending needs to be seamless and not garish. Motifs and block prints on shirts or denims is also a fast popular fashion.

Loans are easily available and mortgage facilities too for start of fashion enterprises. Export subsidies attract many companies. Export business in India is high in cottons and casual wear. Leading designers hold ramp shows with international feel, complete with props and head gear. The presentations are well lauded by scribes and patrons. It has becoming very easy nowadays for NRI to place orders online or visit the outlet based abroad.

Previously this career was not looked upon as lucrative and hardly few institutions propagated this vocation. Not only have these opened avenues for international positioning of India on the foreign map but also an opportunity to follow their mind in the creative arena. Myths are broken and trends are being set by Indian fashion globally.

The Search For Large and Small Dog Clothes

Keeping up with the fashion trends in the ever changing world of dog fashion is a tough task to accomplish. There are so many local and online stores to choose from which contributes to the confusion. Not only are there plenty of local and internet stores to choose from but there are just as many clothing designers to choose from. There are a couple of tips that will help the shopper who knows what they are looking for but does not know where to go to find it.

It is hard to find extremely small dog clothing. There are several reasons for this. One of the biggest reasons is that the clothes manufacturers all use different methods of measurement for sizing. Some use breed type and others use length of the body. Using either method will not always be exact because your dog may be big or tiny for their specific breed. Along the same lines, even if you measure their body length precisely, your dog may be broader around the tummy. Small dog clothes sizing can come in many forms including: teacup, xxx-small, xx-small, x-small and small. 

In addition to small dog clothes being hard to find, large dog clothing can be just as difficult to locate. This is true due to the huge fluctuation of size variations within any given dog breed. One German Shepherd could weigh 65 pounds and another may weigh 75 pounds. That is a significant difference if you are trying to shop for clothing according to breed. Also, the same holds true for big dog clothes having such a wide range of sizing form large to xxxx-large.     

The best prices and deals on large and small dog clothes are usually found online. You will also find a larger selection of sizes and styles making it more probable that you can find a more precise fit. Along with these advantages, you have many more designers to choose from with a wide range of prices to fit any budget. Free Shipping offers are usually available at reputable online stores. However, a big disadvantage is that you cannot actually see the product before purchasing it.  

Be a smart, educated shopper. Combine the knowledge of sizing given here with your own personal knowledge about your own pet. Keep in mind size range and availability will be smaller at local stores. Always look for free shipping offers online. Go to the local store and check out what there sizes look like to get a general sizing foundation. Most importantly, when you find an online store that you like doing business with and that you trust, stick with them.