Celebrities, Publicity, & Damage Control Techniques

Celebrities prefer specific media outlets when they have to do damage control and reclaim public approval.

“Tonight Show” host Jay Leno announced the birth of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s baby girl Suri when it was phoned into him within two minutes after the birth. Happy and celebratory shows that make people laugh are great for joyous occasions.
Cruise couch-hopped on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show while proclaiming his love for Katie Holmes apparently feeling Oprah was the ideal venue to persuade questioning hearts.

Paris Hilton went on the “Late Show” with David Letterman after she was released from prison in an attempt to prove she’s since matured and moved on.

Michael Richards known as “Kramer” sought help from Rev. Al Sharpton to fix his public image after a series of racial slurs at a comedy club where he was performing.

Oprah revealed her drug use in an interview with Billy Bush, the cousin of President Bush. CIA agent Barry Seal attested to George Jr. and Jeb Bush both using cocaine, explaining why Oprah chose a possibly sympathetic Billy to reveal her own crack use should she need to turn the tables on her show later if Billy got too ugly.

Pamela Anderson announced on her website several wedding ceremonies for her and Kid Rock in an effort to get media attention by way of repetition. “We got married on August 3rd in a Beverly Hills court house before we left to honeymoon in Detroit! But our real wedding was July 29th in France. We’re having the best time. Looking forward to more ceremonies …”

Just over two months later the two divorced and dueled over who filed divorce documents first. Irreconcilable differences were mentioned along with Pam’s miscarriage.

10th Anniversary Celebration

A 10th wedding anniversary is a milestone to be celebrated. Theme parties of any topic can be used such as a costume party, a casino night or a pig roast. Traditionally 10 years is marked by paper, but there are more fun things to use to celebrate.

For invitations, make copies of the bridal pictures and include it when mailing. See who has changed the most in the wedding party or who has moved the farthest away. Some people don’t change much in ten years, but others you can’t even recognize. Invitations can be wedding bell shaped, in hearts or any picture to match your chosen theme.

A party supply store will have balloons, streamers, confetti and wall hangings to match any and every theme. If you are having dinner or serving snacks, plates, cups, napkins and tablecloths can also be found to coordinate. Blow up a giant picture of the bride and groom, either from when they were dating or when they were children and hang on the walls. Have the guests use it as a guestbook to sign their best wishes or to relive their favorite wedding memory.

Game playing may be limited if you are having a formal dinner. If it is a fun theme party event, play memory games like who can remember the exact vows and recite them. Have a competition as to who can write the most memories down in five minutes – such as what color the dresses were, who was the DJ, who caught the bouquet and so on.

For entertainment, have the same DJ provide dinner and or dancing music. Get the wedding movie onto a DVD and show it from a laptop screen.

Set up a picture taking area and get each guest with the anniversary couple. Send it with a card after the party to thank them for their gift or to express your gratefulness that they shared in your day. Takes lots of pictures and make a scrapbook. Save it all to use for the 25th anniversary party!

Celebrate The Event With a Grand Party

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